How to install a great security system in your home

Security is something that should always be on our mind, especially if you are a homeowner. There is a great deal of security system options that can be employed for home use, some of them more effective than others, but it is usually a combination of more than one method that is able to give a home the safety it deserves.
The needed equipment

Security cameras, for instance, are usually a common feature that all homes with a security system should have. When purchasing these cameras, the first thing to take under consideration is the space you want to cover. If, for instance, you are planning on an area coverage that expands from just the entry point to your home, then you are advised to make an investment in more than one or two cameras. There are also a lot of types of cameras that can be used; there are bullet style cameras and dome ones. For outdoor use, the best ones are the bullet cameras since they are waterproof, whilst indoor spaces benefit the most from dome cameras. Continue reading


How Electronic Contrôle D’acces Can Boost Your Business Security

A proper electronic contrôle d’acces (access control) represents the ultimate trend in the business world. It is far from the classic keys and locks due to the numerous advantages. It is an electronic innovation that allows you to monitor your workers in a more efficient manner, reduce the extra expenses on their wages and even skip the necessity of a doorman.

Another very important benefit is the impossibility to duplicate the keys. Electronic keys are not like regular keys, which can be duplicated within a few minutes only. Of course, a sophisticated hacker can still copy your electronic key, but such things are less likely to occur. Instead of focusing on the key to your business, a hacker would rather work on a credit card. Therefore, you can easily boost the security standards of your company with electronic contrôle d’acces. Continue reading

The Ultimate Form Of Education In Choosing The Perfect Security System For Your Home

When not sure what kind of security system to install for their homes or offices, a lot of people base their decisions on middle solutions. They do not want the cheapest systems on the market because they know that the quality is just as low, but they do not want the most sophisticated models either. After all, they find such systems to be more appropriate for large corporations. With all these, they never really analyze their necessities. While there are more products that can meet your necessities, the truth is that finding the best one will give you the best value for your money. Normally, there are three major elements that can make the difference – installation, monitoring solutions and automation.

The installation gives you a few specific solutions. Basically, you can find a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) solutions on the market that come with detailed manuals of instructions. They do not require any professionals. Such solutions are wireless because drilling walls can be very challenging. Normally, you should not need more than half an hour to install a system. It represents the most common option among renters or individuals who tend to move a lot. Continue reading

Giving In to the Surveillance State

IN March 2002, John M. Poindexter, a former national security adviser to President Ronald Reagan, sat down with Gen. Michael V. Hayden, the director of the National Security Agency. Mr. Poindexter sketched out a new Pentagon program called Total Information Awareness, that proposed to scan the world’s electronic information — including phone calls, e-mails and financial and travel records — looking for transactions associated with terrorist plots. The N.S.A., the government’s chief eavesdropper, routinely collected and analyzed such signals, so Mr. Poindexter thought the agency was an obvious place to test his ideas.

He never had much of a chance. When T.I.A.’s existence became public, it was denounced as the height of post-9/11 excess and ridiculed for its creepy name. Mr. Poindexter’s notorious role in the Iran-contra affair became a central focus of the debate. He resigned from government, and T.I.A. was dismantled in 2003. Continue reading

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

Air Securite

Welcome to the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) website!

This site will be the primary source of information on ADS-B development and implementation.

The ADS-B program is developing a multi-segment, life cycle managed, performance based ADS-B strategy that generates value for the National Airspace System (NAS) through –

  • Development of a Concept of Operations for the ADS-B portfolio of applications
  • Development of a life cycle management approach for each application in the portfolio
  • Establishment of a multimode infrastructure that supports a wide range of NAS users and applications
  • Monitoring and adjustment of ADS-B investments in the NAS

Please continue to check this website for updated information on ADS-B avionics and ground infrastructure deployment.

Contact Amy Durik, ADS-B communications lead, with any questions about the ADS-B program or this website.