How Electronic Contrôle D’acces Can Boost Your Business Security

A proper electronic contrôle d’acces (access control) represents the ultimate trend in the business world. It is far from the classic keys and locks due to the numerous advantages. It is an electronic innovation that allows you to monitor your workers in a more efficient manner, reduce the extra expenses on their wages and even skip the necessity of a doorman.

Another very important benefit is the impossibility to duplicate the keys. Electronic keys are not like regular keys, which can be duplicated within a few minutes only. Of course, a sophisticated hacker can still copy your electronic key, but such things are less likely to occur. Instead of focusing on the key to your business, a hacker would rather work on a credit card. Therefore, you can easily boost the security standards of your company with electronic contrôle d’acces.

On a different note, such a system gives you the possibility to avoid changing locks if one of your workers loses the electronic key. Instead, the respective key can be removed from the system by clearing its access. It is no longer valid, regardless of who finds it. At the same time, a new key can be issued right away. The same rule applies if one of your workers chooses to leave the business. Your risks are drastically reduced.

Finally, an electronic key might provide access to all the areas that it is issued for. You do not have to carry five keys around your belt, but one only.

Keep in mind that electronic access is often mixed with a système de surveillance for unexpected situations. While the costs might seem a little high at a first glance, the systems are very cost efficient because you only need to make these investments once. A doorman’s salary will go on month by month, but these innovative solutions will not require any money later on.


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